About us

Don’t follow, lead.

Look good not because you wear what others think is fashionable, but because what you wear reflects you: strong, independent, original.


This is who you are; not afraid to express yourself, and you encourage others to do the same. It comes across in how you think, how you dress, and the things you do.


GUAPI Clothing reflects your independent originality.


It binds you to those like-minded personalities, people who share your inner vision of positive thought & action, and know that together is stronger than alone.


I am Aaron Wilhelm, the creator of GUAPI. I design my clothes to be comfortable, affordable, and express who I am and what I believe.


Working with my seamstress in Switzerland, my clothes are all expertly crafted and manufactured, designed for an active lifestyle, and worn  by people like you and me who value originality in their lifestyle.


We believe there is strength through unity and intend to shape the world around us – not be shaped by it.


That is who we are, and who GUAPI Clothing is for.

Aaron Wilhelm

Zürich, May 2st, 2018